Investor Rights Movements

What rights and privileges do investors and shareholders have? What are their rights as an investor? Does buying a stock in Disney mean you and the family can hit Disneyland for free this summer? Or would the Anheuser-Busch shareholders get a case of beer each quarter?

Most of the investors are unaware of their investor rights as shareowners and have incomplete or partial knowledge.

This is your perfect chance to get to understand the “investor rights movements”. Also referred to as shareholder activism, the main idea behind it is to create more awareness among the investors and make sure that there is no manipulation or lack of transparency on behalf of a company. The investor rights movement seeks to improve disclosure, accountability and responsibility among company managers. Accomplishing this through formal proposals as well as informal dialog, it ensures that managements are more accountable for their actions.

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Fact is that if you invest your money, you may be able to make it grow.
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Common rights of an investor explained by experts

Be well informed on the investor rights to make well informed decisions and keep ahead. Protect yourself against poor management and anti-stockholder provisions
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"...Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1...."

Warren Buffett


Learn how to get involved in is investor rights movements to safeguard your interest as an investor. Have a chance of being kept informed about what's going on.
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