Key Points Of Investor Rights Movement

As has been generally concluded by the general purpose activists, the current actions or inactions of the existing set of officers and directors in a company are just plain wrong and need to be redirected or changed in the interest of the investors. To get more aware, you must have your shares registered in your own name in all of the companies that you own, so as to appear on the stockholder lists.

The key points of investor rights movement involve the following:

1. Always have your shares registered in your own name to have any real chance of participating and being active.

2. Have proposal in the proxy statements sent by the companies to determine how to vote your own shares

3. It’s a good idea if you can spare some time and energy to attend some annual meetings personally. You yourself can become a investor rights activist, protecting not only your own shares but any others for which you obtain proxies.

You will come across some better and professional brokers making an effort to pass along mailings which they are requested to send to you by the companies you own but in which they hold the actual shares. But sometimes, even these earnest efforts are much delayed and you miss most or all of the individual company activists who see brokerage house shares as being owned by people who just plain don't care about the real companies. If you actually do care about the companies you own, follow the main points of investor rights movement discussed above. This is the he only way of being kept informed about what's going on.

Key Points Of Investor Rights Movement Discussed And Reviewed

Be a smart educated investor and learn the main points of investor rights movement to ensure that company managements are more accountable for their actions.

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What Is The Investor Rights Movement? Know More About Your Rights

Understand the investor rights movement in full terms. Become aware of your rights and privileges that come along with being an investor.

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